Sometimes it's easy to forget that  Ad Hominem is only three months old. As 2010 winds to a close, I'm happy to say that we reached our end-of-year goal of 100 "likes"...a month ago! Even more incredible is that we managed to double it in the time since, with a grand total of 202 as of 3:00PM December 31, 2010. Should we shoot for 500 in 2011?

Of course, all of the likes, diggs, and tweets aren't just little trophies: all of these are just ways of quantifying the amount of exposure received by the artists we feature here, and that's what's really important. The fact that in three months we've received almost 10,000 page views means that the twenty or so artists we've featured in that time have picked up a few new fans, a few more people that will recognize their name or their work, a few comments on their story/poem/painting etc.

All in all, it's been an incredible ride.
Wow, what a week! Ad Hominem is receiving unprecedented traffic, largely thanks to our friends at Duotrope's digest.

Even better, our inbox is also overflowing with art! In the past few days, we've already encountered dozens of folks that we think deserve a little publicity. Expect lots of updates, full of beautiful, high caliber work of all varieties. A couple of very talented and accomplished poets, William Doreski and Charles Scharwath, start us off this week, but they're also just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, we'll post a very special poetry multimedia experience, not to mention some stunning visual art. Stop by on hump won't regret it!
An extra big shout-out and "thank you" to Matthew Wallace, who, without any reason to do so whatsoever, revamped our logo out of the kindness of his heart. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit. Maybe it was the fact that he and his friends at Fairwell Design finally got tired of laughing at our old logo, which was designed by yours truly in MS Paint because screw Photoshop.

At any rate, I must say I'm in love with the new look. Matthew and Fairwell are also big supporters of the arts, so please do check out their site,, and buy some new threads!