Three days before our month-a-versery, it was a pleasant surprise to see that we've already surpassed our 2010 goal of 100 "likes." Thank all of you so much for your support!

In other news, stay tuned for new fiction from Patrick S. McGinnity, available at midnight.
Well, in case you haven't already noticed, Ad Hominem isn't having any trouble coming up with content in the second month of its existence. This is largely thanks to the talented and hardworking artists of Floyd County (or, the artists associated in some way with the Jacksonville Center for the Arts).

FloCoiMo is a response to NaNoWriMo. The event encourages raw, unfiltered productivity from its participants, except instead of limiting the scope to novelists it opens the invitation to artists of every variety. FloCoiMo and the Jacksonville Center for the Arts are both on facebook, so please do check them out if you're interested in learning more. And of course, you can always visit Ad Hominem's page, which chronicles the efforts of FloCioMo's participants, too.

Even though it's plenty as it is, FloCoiMo isn't the only thing going on around here this November. Be on the lookout for an exciting new musician interview, not to mention some wonderful poetry and fiction from some very talented authors.