Today, acclaimed poet Jeanne Larsen releases her latest endeavor, Why We Make Gardens, a collection of poems that Molly Peacock lauds as both “luscious” and “incisive,” and R. H. W. Dillard describes not only as clever and wise, but as gardens in which “to wander again and again with wonder and renewal.”

Of course, here at Ad Hominem we immediately noticed that many of the poems were just plain sexy. The collection contains a poem called “Garden of Sex II.” Interpret that as you will.

Along the way, Jeanne Larsen explores the full depth of the human (botanical?) experience: creation, and compromise, and triumph, and shopping malls. And she explores it all through beautiful, meticulous language. And there are two sex garden poems. Two of them.



11/03/2010 3:16pm

Whoa. One of the best things about leaving the hermit-life of Va. Center for the Creative Arts is going on line and finding...this! By the way, some have claimed that even the left margins of the two "Garden of Sex" poems are sexy. I wouldn't know--just passing it on...

11/04/2010 3:36am

Left margin sexiness = confirmed.


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